4 Symptoms you should never ignore & could mean a visit to the ER

With bulk-billing becoming available to medical practices like your local Ferny grove family practice, reportedly since 2016, you can now rush your loved ones to your family doctor as soon as the need arises.

The following list warns you regarding symptoms that require immediate ER or medical help from someone like an experienced Ferny hills doctor.

Severe Headaches

With long work hours and schedules to maintain, even your youngest family member can sometimes suffer from a migraine or stress-triggered headache. However, families forget to pay close attention to severe headaches, popping an aspirin instead. The three types of headaches that are considered dangerous by almost all doctors ferny grove medical centres have, are cluster, worsening tension and migraine headaches. Many times you may forget bumping your head against your car door or underneath a desk and may unknowingly be suffering from a concussion. Also, if your headache suddenly appears as if you’ve been hit on the head by a hammer or struck by lightning, you need to get in touch with an ER, like ferny grove family practice immediately to rule out meningitis, aneurisms or even the beginning of a stroke.

Severe Abdominal Pain

If you have a history of stomach related issues like gastro-reflex or IBS, you may have the necessary medication to deal with these symptoms from your family doctors or local clinics like a ferny hills medical centre. However, if the pain is localized and you feel as if it is intensifying, especially in the right side of your upper region, it could be because of appendix or some issue with the gall bladder. Other symptoms may include the inability to keep food down, blood in your stool and sharp stabs of pain in your gut. Visit at SmartClinics

Chest Pain

The average age for heart attacks has dropped down to 25. Chest pains are a propriety case at ER’s all over the world. Your symptoms may include heavy breathing, sweaty or clammy palms, raised pressure, pain in the neck, jaw and arms. These are all well known symptoms of a heart attack and the sooner you reach your local ER, he or she may be able to save your life.


Since infections are caused by the spreading of viruses or bacteria in your bloodstream, reaching an ER in any ferny grove family practice, where you can be administered the right kind of antibiotics and treatment is the only way to save your life. Infections can range from simple infections on the skin to a wound or some serious forms such as kidney infections to other life threatening diseases such as pneumonia. Your symptoms may vary from case to case, such as bumps and lesions all over your body, high fever, intensifying nausea, severe weakness and loss of appetite, low blood pressure and most commonly your body will start rejecting oral fluids. Dehydration is one of the leading causes of sudden deaths and comas if infections are left untreated. If you are unable to drive yourself to the ER, you should call your local emergency hotline, a close friend or a family member as soon as possible.

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